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A healthier you = A wealthier you

As we steadily head into the heart of ‘flu season’, maintaining your health has never been so important.

As we steadily head into the heart of ‘flu season', maintaining your health has never been so important.

But keeping active and eating healthy doesn't just provide positive physical and health benefits, it can also provide financial benefits as well.

Many of you may be thinking: what financial benefits? It is a good question to ask.

Some of the financial benefits associated with being healthy include:

Savings on health insurance

By incorporating a balanced diet and regular exercise into your daily routine, you may be able to save money on your health insurance. This includes opting for lower premiums and having to pay less money towards your health insurance, depending on your level of cover. Some health insurances also choose to reward their customers who keep active, by providing them with monthly discounts on gym memberships. 

Savings in medication

Maintaining your health may also reduce the amount of medications you may need to take. A healthy lifestyle can also be a great preventative for any future medications, surgeries or prolonged doctor visits. Heart disease, a common illness related to an unhealthy lifestyle, can be somewhat prevented by ensuring adequate diet and exercise are incorporated into your daily lifestyle.

Savings on sick leave

Whether you are self-employed or are an employee, taking time off work can set you back in time and money. If you are a contractor for example, any days you take off sick won't be paid for by your employer. Furthermore, the more time you spend away from work, the more tasks you will have to catch up on when you return to work. Having less time off sick ultimately puts more money in your back pocket – both literally and figuratively.

Savings on food

Cooking your meals at home as opposed to eating out will have the biggest impact on your wallet and your healthy lifestyle.  Planning your meals for the week and purchasing the ingredients from your local grocery store could not only help you to save hundreds on your monthly expenses, but it could help you to improve the quality of your diet.  By planning your meals and allocating enough time to prepare, you will stay on track to maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

For more information on how you can save, contact your local Mortgage Choice financial adviser.

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