Our Mortgage Choice broker was awesome!

Property investor – Natalie, explains how her Mortgage Choice broker streamlined a complex process.

Property investor – NA, explains how her Mortgage Choice broker streamlined a complex process.

For some time my husband and I had been considering building an investment property. We kept thinking “We'll do that one day and set ourselves up for retirement”. Then, not so long ago, we visited the sales office of a property developer where we picked up a card for a Mortgage Choice broker.

The sales office we visited is in Adelaide's west – exactly where the Mortgage Choice broker is located. It's a long way from our home in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. But that didn't matter to our Mortgage Choice broker. He was happy to make the long journey to our home to discuss our investment loan needs. And we were grateful he did.

I have to say my husband and I really didn't know where to start. We planned to use our home equity to help fund the investment but we knew very little about what was involved.

Our Mortgage Choice broker was awesome. He explained how everything could work, and while we had planned on speaking to our regular bank for an investment loan because it was the easiest thing to do, our broker secured an amazing deal for us with another lender.

In fact, when we talk to our friends about the rate we are paying on our investment loan they can't believe we got such a good rate.

As we are building the investment property from scratch, our Mortgage Choice broker recommended a construction loan, which is ideally suited to a new build. But he went beyond securing a good value loan. He has also spent time liaising with the property developer to ensure construction progress stayed on track.

In the process of accessing home equity to fund our investment property our broker also helped us refinance our home loan, and the savings we are making can help us pay off our mortgage sooner.

Our investment loan is in place now and we are looking forward to the completion of construction and renting the property out. I'd definitely recommend Mortgage Choice – our broker guided us through the whole process to make things very easy indeed.

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