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A big time saver

For property investor AC, using a Mortgage Choice broker offered convenience and valuable time savings.

For property investor AC, using a Mortgage Choice broker offered convenience and valuable time savings.

I met my Mortgage Choice broker at a renovation expo held at a local store. I own a number of investment properties, and I had previously used a broker with another company but I was impressed with the way the Mortgage Choice broker presented and what she said. So I picked up her business card, and when I was looking to add to my property portfolio I gave her a call.

My Mortgage Choice broker arranged two separate investment loans for me. In both cases she offered a variety of options and was very knowledgeable about the loan market - and the sorts of features that would be useful in my circumstances.

I found it very convenient to work with my Mortgage Choice broker. Having someone analyse the loans available on a panel of lenders and pull together scenarios tailored to my situation was a big time saver.

The fact that Mortgage Choice brokers are paid the same regardless of which loan I selected was important too. It made me confident my broker would only recommend those loans well-suited to my needs.

It was my Mortgage Choice broker's after-sales service that really set her apart from the broker I previously used. When the first loan settled she sent a lovely bottle of red wine to my office with a hand-written thank you card. It was a great touch that really put a smile on my face. And when the second loan was settled, my Mortgage Choice broker sent me an entertainment book with vouchers to use at restaurants, so I've been kept busy checking out a variety of dining venues.

My broker has also kept in touch through newsletters. It's quite a difference from the previous broker who hasn't kept in touch at all.

I have already recommended Mortgage Choice to several work colleagues, and I'll be returning to my Mortgage Choice broker again shortly to arrange some additional loans. I look forward to seeing what she'll come up with for me this time around.

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