Dating on a budget

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, now’s the time to start thinking about fun things you can with your significant other.

If you’re keen to treat your loved one to a nice date without breaking the bank, then listen up.

There are a variety of budget-friendly activities that are romantic and will not put a strain on your finances, including:

1. Prepare a home-cooked meal

Dining at a nice restaurant is great, but cooking a meal at home can be even more rewarding. You don’t have to be a master chef or prepare anything too complicated. Keep it simple and easy and instead spend the time enjoying a good chat over a nice glass of vino. The effort you go to and the intentions behind your meal will surely be enough to impress your loved one. You can jazz things up by having your favourite music playing in the background, decorating the table with nice linen and candles, and even laying out the best dishes and cutlery.

2. Enjoy nature

From coasts to forests, Australia is blessed with an abundance of naturally beautiful locations. The options for how you enjoy them are limitless. You can go kayaking in the river, take a hike in the mountains, or just go for a walk along the beach. Not only will these types of activities cost you next to nothing, but they can also be adapted for all exercise abilities.

3. Plan a movie night

Instead of heading to the cinemas for a night out, stay at home and watch the latest series or movie. It’ll be far more convenient, comfortable and less expensive for the two of you. Just prepare some delicious snacks, pick something you want to watch, dim the lights and enjoy the night in. You could make it a regular occasion and pick themes for each one.

4. Exercise together

As the saying goes, couples that train together stay together. If you and your partner are members of the same gym, go and burn the calories from last night’s dinner by exercising together. You can create your own training schedule or attend a class together. It is a cheap activity that will get your endorphins running.

5. See what’s happening in your local area

Check out what events are taking place in your local community and take advantage of them. From street fairs to food festivals, there’s sure to be something that will tickle your fancy and keep you occupied on your weekends.

6. Take up a new hobby

You and your partner can pick up new skills or hobbies by doing classes. You could try your hand at dancing, brewing coffee, making pottery, or painting. Some classes offer complimentary sessions so you can try before you buy. You never know, you both might discover a hidden talent.

7. Be tourists in your own city

There’s no need to book expensive flights and hotels to another place when you can take a staycation and explore your own city. Draw up an itinerary that could include visits to the museum, the zoo or an art gallery. If you have a bit more money to splash, you could book a night in a nice hotel.

8. Look for discounted deals

You can avoid paying full price on food and events just by doing your research online or using entertainment books. Look for ‘two for one’ or ‘buy one get one free’ deals and take advantage of them.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can share good times with your significant other without breaking the bank. So why don’t you give one of the aforementioned ‘budget friendly dates’ a go today!

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