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How to entertain on a budget this long weekend

Would you like to entertain your friends and family this long weekend without breaking the bank?

Would you like to entertain your friends and family this long weekend without breaking the bank?

If the answer is yes, then listen up - because we have you covered.


Step 1: Keep it simple

It will come as no surprise that the more low-key you keep your entertaining, the less money you’re likely to spend. So, if you plan on entertaining people this long weekend, try and keep the group small. You might also want to set a spending limit so that you don’t go overboard when you’re shopping for your event.


Step 2: Get creative

An inexpensive way to entertain guests is by hosting a games night. Anything from charades to card games or board games like monopoly. When it comes to decorating your home for a dinner party, skip flowers and instead buy a box of plain white candles and light them all around your home. The more candles the better!  This is a budget friendly way of making a statement and, depending on the size of your candles, you may be able to use them for your next event. For added appeal, fairy lights are another inexpensive option . You can find them at most hardware stores and the wonderful thing about them is you can reuse them.


Step 3: Budget friendly food ideas

BBQs are an Australian classic and there are endless reasons why. Not only are they delicious, but you can feed a group of people without tugging too hard on your purse strings. Keep an eye out for specials at your local butcher or supermarket. Hot dogs, burgers and chicken are inexpensive meat options for a crowd. You may also want to consider buying a cut of meat like brisket and slow cook it. These cuts are often less expensive than a steak and can be much more flavoursome if you cook them well.


Step 4: Ask for help

Don’t be a martyr and try and do everything yourself. Ask all of your guests to bring a plate as well as their own booze. The more stuff people bring, the less expense you wear.


So there you have it - entertaining this long weekend on a budget.

Keep it simple, ask for help and, where possible, search for bargains. Of course, don’t forget to have fun!

Happy Australia Day!

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