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Is it ever OK to regift?

With the holiday season fast approaching, you might be thinking about the gifts you plan to buy your loved ones and friends, which can add a lot of stress and anxiety to an already busy time. Something that might have crossed your mind this time last year was whether it was okay to regift.

When is it okay to regift?

We’ve all been there before: you receive a gift that you either don’t like or have no use for and you can’t return or exchange in store. There’s no reason why the gift should sit forgotten in a cupboard, gathering dust. Providing it isn’t a personalised gift, there’s no reason why you can’t regift it to someone in a different friendship group.

Should I open the gift?

If a friend or colleague at work gives you a present, you should open it in front of them. People buy you a gift because they thought of you and they hope that you like it as much as they do. It would be rude not to show them how excited and grateful you are for your gift.

Is it okay to ask for a receipt?

Asking for a receipt could be awkward, however, if you’re close to the person who gave you the gift, it might be a good way to ensure you’re comfortable with the gift. By the same token, if
you’re buying a gift for someone you’re close to and it’s on the expensive end of the price scale, you might want to provide your loved one with a gift receipt or let them know you kept the receipt if they decide they would like to exchange.

The low down on gift vouchers

If you plan to buy a gift voucher for a loved one, try to get it for a specific store you know they love. Or better yet, buy them an experience they can enjoy. As far as regifting goes, the very nature of gift cards means they are quite an easy present to re-gift.

Party etiquette

If you’re invited to holiday parties, remember not to arrive empty-handed. You don’t have to go over the top or spend a small fortune. It could be something as simple as flowers for the hostess, a bottle of bubbly, or something you’ve cooked.

A word of advice: if you do bring a bottle of wine, don’t expect it to be opened on the evening as your host might have planned the wine list already and no matter what, do not take your wine back if it isn’t opened by the end of the night - that is just poor form!

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