How to get on top of your clutter and stay on top of it

Taking inspiration from the hit TV show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, we'll help you get on top of your clutter and stay on top of it.

Marie Kondo is the star of the hit Netflix show "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo," and has since has become famous for her unique approach breaking down the daunting task of decluttering your home, now known as the "KonMari Method".

We’re not here to tell you that there are certain rules when it comes to knowing how to get on top of your clutter as decluttering and tidying is a unique process for everyone. But,  drawing inspiration from the KonMari Method, these general guidelines will help you start (and even stay) on top of the mess no matter what your lifestyle looks like.

Start with your clothes

Starting is the hardest part, especially when tackling your closet. It always seems to get worse before it gets better – and that’s completely normal. For a large task like this, set aside a few hours where you have no other priorities.

First things first, take out all of your clothing from your closets, drawers and the chair in the corner of the room. A good tip is to move all of your clothes out of the room you keep them in. This allows you to visualise the space you actually have and how to best tackle your storage solutions.

Next, split it all up into clothing categories – pants, shirts, jackets, etc. and start working your way through each category. Seem to own 16 pairs of jeans but only rotate between your two favourite pairs? Well, guess what? You’ve just made this process simple. Only keep your favourite pieces. Anything that doesn’t fit or suit you could make someone else very happy.

Now you can split up the decluttered pile into different categories – give to charity, sell online, give to family or friends or throw out. When you’re happy that you’ve only got clothes left that make you feel amazing, you’ve got your new wardrobe. As long as you actually wear everything – you’ve done it right!

Change your mindset when shopping

Before you dive straight into buying all the items you have just decluttered, here are some tips to keep in the back of your mind when you’re shopping:

  • Don’t fall into the sales trap! Don’t buy anything if you don’t actually need it
  • Identify the staples you need for your particular lifestyle (you’re allowed to fill any gaps)
  • Stick to a colour scheme
  • Don’t buy an item that you already own, unless you’re replacing it

Split up tasks, unexpectedly

Tackling clothing is one thing, but other areas of the place can be split up in unexpected ways to make the task less daunting. Feel like your kitchen pantry is getting out of hand? Just deal with the spices today, then all the canned food tomorrow, then all those half-finished packets of pasta the next.

Utilise your time

Some tasks take next to no time and are easily achievable at any point of your day – even after work. Utilising 20 minutes every day after work to complete a different decluttering task for your pantry, for example, means it could be done before the weekend even hits!

Next week, you can tackle that one drawer that always seems to hold miscellaneous objects and rediscover you own 23 pens that you never seem to find when you’re on the phone and need to write down a number. The next day, the tech drawer with all those random cables you’ve still got for the devices you no longer have.

Set a reminder

This could be the first day of every month, or once every season – but set a reminder to make sure you’re checking over each room in your house to see whether anything is getting out of hand. Put your clothes away where they’re meant to be, collect all your spices that seemed to spread themselves over the kitchen counter and make a list of any areas that need another declutter. Tick off each item on the list you made by splitting up the tasks over a few days.

Just remember, it’s okay if things get cluttered again – because this is an ongoing process. If you keep up the consistency, you’ll find what works for you and start to identify if you’re overbuying on certain items or need a different storage solution.

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