Autumn in the garden

It’s getting a little fresh outside and autumn has made an appearance.

But just because you think you’re done with using the backyard for the year with the summer BBQs now coming to an end, doesn’t mean that you should stop your garden maintenance. It’s the perfect time of year to get on top of some gardening and prep for the seasons ahead.

Up your autumn gardening game with the following tips.

Leaves and composting

With the lovely colours of autumn all around us, comes the inevitable falling of the leaves and the mess it creates. But, what you might not know is that these are perfect as part of composting. Make the most of the fallen leaves by raking them up for some garden mulch.

Even easier, just leave them on your lawn and mow straight over the top (that sounds a lot better, doesn’t it?). This will chop up the leaves and mix them with grass clippings in the catcher ready to go straight on the garden. Not only will you be happy with the instant results, but your garden will love you for the extra nutrients.

Burning off?

If you’re thinking that burning off your large collection of leaves and prunings to get rid of them, you may need to rethink this idea. Not only can the smoke be toxic, but in many parts of Australia at certain times of the year, it’s illegal to do so. So, it pays off to do your research to see whether you’re allowed to and if this is actually a safe option for you.

Planting for a seasonal harvest

How good does an amazing home-cooked meal sound, especially when heading into the cooler months of the year? This year, take your meals to a whole new level by using your own home-grown ingredients.

If you want to grow your own vegetables, start planting now for harvesting over the coming seasons. Search online to identify which climatic zone you live in and for ideas on what to plant and when.

Plant, plant, plant

Maybe you’re not into growing your own vegetable garden, but wouldn’t mind seeing a little more greenery around the backyard. Autumn’s the ideal time of year to plant – particularly trees, shrubs and perennials as the air temperatures have cooled, soil temperatures are still warm and you’ve hopefully had some rainfall to increase soil moisture. Utilise these conditions to help your new seeds and plants get the best start.

Autumn is also a good time to begin transplanting shrubs or trees, and to make new plants from cuttings. This option is even better if you want more instant results rather than starting from scratch with seeds. You could always invite a few friends, family or even neighbours to share clippings and get a variety for little to no cost.

Lawn care

Can you see that your lawn is a little tired from the summer months? Autumn is the ideal time to help your lawn recover from the previous conditions, whether it was hot and dry, humid, underwater or even a mix of all of these throughout the past few months. It’s also a good time to prepare it for the different conditions it will face in the colder months.

When mowing your lawn, switch from mulching mode to using the catcher as it takes longer for decomposition in cooler conditions, which could cause further issues with your lawn.

Weeding is important any time of the year, but it’s good to know that in cooler months, weeds can grab a tight hold onto your lawn as patches may develop, giving the weeds space to spread and enjoy their newfound space.

When understanding how often to water your lawn throughout the autumn and winter months, it really depends on where you live and whether you receive much rain. If you can see that your lawn is looking limp, give it a quick watering. A good tip is to water early in the morning to avoid the water sitting on your lawn overnight in the colder temperatures which can produce fungal issues.

Implement some of these tips and tricks to your backyard during autumn and your lawn and plants will love you for the little extra attention and will likely thrive throughout the cooler months. It’s much easier to keep up the maintenance instead of trying to pick up what’s left of your backyard when the warmer months roll around.

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