How to prepare for Easter (the environmentally-friendly way)

Autumn is among us and that means the leaves start changing colour, there’s a freshness in the air (that feels rather cold actually…) and what else is there? Oh, that’s right – chocolate!

It’s a great time to head off for a long weekend and enjoy a few days away from regular life. The break allows time for many things, whether that’s a solo camping trip, annual family holiday or just trying to see as many family members as humanly possible within a 4 day period.

One thing to keep in mind, is that you can still make environmentally-friendly choices along the way. Here are a few tips to reduce your energy consumption and waste for any long weekend plans.

Prep your home before you say goodbye

Check that your electrical appliances like microwaves, kettles, televisions, home entertainment systems and gaming consoles are turned off at the wall so they're not drawing electricity while on standby.

Take your time and check your place, room by room. Keeping only the essentials on while you’re away (like your fridge) can reduce your environmental impact while you’re enjoying your holiday elsewhere.

Give your car some TLC

If you’re going on a road trip or driving to your Easter destination, make sure your vehicle is well-maintained and that the tyres are inflated to the correct air pressure. Driving efficiently can make a big difference to fuel consumption.

Also, consider leaving a day earlier or later than the long weekend (if possible) to avoid the traffic. Not only does it feel like a better, more enjoyable start to your weekend but having your car idling in traffic for long periods of time can chew up your petrol a lot faster.

For the nature lovers

If you're camping or bushwalking, consider using the 'leave no trace' philosophy and don't leave behind any rubbish. You wouldn’t want someone ruining your camping spot, so don’t ruin theirs.

When it comes to showering and cleaning up, you can always use bio-degradable soap (or none at all if that’s more your style).

The same applies at the beach—be considerate of other users, marine life and animals, and help keep our beaches clean.

Consciously satisfy your chocolate cravings

If you're doing some Easter shopping this year, choose products with minimal packaging to reduce waste, and recycle any packaging, including Easter egg foil.

Or, you can even skip the crowds at the shops and try your hand at making your own treats and decorations. A quick browse on the internet will turn up plenty of ideas and recipes. You can get your kids, partner or parents involved in these activities and make it a family affair.

Whatever your plans are for the Easter long weekend, you can still make sure you are making conscious choices to reduce your energy consumption and waste in a few easy steps.

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