At home and socially distancing? Here are some tips to help you look after yourself

The coronavirus pandemic is an unfolding event and one that the nation has never encountered before. In an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus it’s forcing us to adjust quickly to a new normal. Many Australians and their families are self-isolating, working and schooling from home and keeping all social interactions to a minimum.

Understandably, the impacts of the coronavirus are causing stress and worry for lots of individuals. It’s an important time to pause and consider how you can support your health and well being during this period.

5 tips to look after yourself during social distancing

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    Stay connected

    Physical distancing can make it impossible to see those people who we would otherwise be connecting with regularly. Thankfully we are in the age of social media and are equipped with apps that can keep us connected.

    Make plans to video chat with people or groups you’d normally see in person, arrange emails, phone calls or send instant messages or texts. If you’re worried that you might run out of stuff to talk about, make a plan with someone to watch a show or read a book separately so that you can discuss it when you contact each other.

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    Keep healthy and aim for a regular routine

    Make sure you follow your regular sleep routine, a healthy diet, stay hydrated and keep to your exercise schedule if you have one. If you don’t have exercise equipment at home, perhaps think of ways to get creative. Try cleaning your home to some music to get you bopping, going up and down stairs and there are also plenty of online exercise workouts that you can follow - it might be a good time to try something new like yoga, dance or meditation. If you have access to an outdoor space, walking can be a great way to clear the mind while getting much needed fresh air.

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    Stay informed

    Keeping up to date with what’s happening is essential to make sure we are following the official guidelines when it comes to health and safe practices. Being connected to our devices means we are served up news about the coronavirus around the clock, making it hard to switch off from one news item to the next. If you notice that feelings of concern and anxiety are heightened, it may be a good idea to avoid excessive exposure and take a break to concentrate on other issues. And, as with all information, consider the source (family, news, friends etc) and consider the credibility and accuracy.

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    Focus on what you can control

    If you are taking lots of your time and energy worrying about things you can’t control, try turning your attention to taking actions you can control. What plans can you put in place now to make it easier down the track? It may help to keep a list handy to remind yourself to focus your efforts and thoughts on what you can do to control the threat and protect yourself.

    The coronavirus has caused widespread panic and, while it is sometimes easier said than done, try to stay calm. Also practice mindfulness where you can, be kind to one another and follow official advice, particularly around observing good hygiene habits.

  • 5
    Reach out

    If you are feeling overwhelmed, it is important to seek support whether it’s with friends, family or with health professionals. Prioritising your mental health is vital in difficult times. For more information and resources on how you can protect your mental health, visit government website Head to Health.

We’re here to help

Your personal and financial wellbeing is our priority during these difficult times. If you find yourself struggling during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important that you reach out and make use of the resources and support that are available to you.

We are all in this together. If you are feeling uncertain about your financial situation, it is important to speak to an expert to make the right financial decisions. Your local Mortgage Choice broker can provide you with the solutions for your unique situation.

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Note: Information is accurate as at 2 April 2020

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