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To celebrate International Women's Day 2020, we sat down and had a chat with six inspirational women from various backgrounds.

We spoke about their aspirations, hurdles and how working together with their dedicated and experienced Mortgage Choice broker they were able to realise their dream of owning their home.

Meet Sunara

Sunara is a change director from Sydney’s Northern Suburbs. Sunara first met her Mortgage Choice broker Leanne Johnstone six years ago when she was considering buying a home on her own,  for her and her children after her marriage had ended.

After the divorce, I had been renting for a couple of years and wanted to buy my own home to provide my kids more stability, however, I wasn't really sure any bank would accept a single income application.  My financial situation at the time wasn’t straightforward and Leanne was able to help me find a lender who would accept my ongoing contract employment status and also recognise the regular child support I was receiving.  With Leanne's help, I was able to buy my own home and start over again as a property owner. Since that first home loan, I have had my loan refinanced and was able to secure a more competitive interest rate. I highly recommend Leanne. She is empathetic, extremely professional and tells it like it is.

Meet Ellie

Ellie is an Environmental Consultant from South West Brisbane. She met her Mortgage Choice broker Jo Duncan on a women’s group mountain bike ride. Ellie engaged Jo to help her secure a home loan after a separation.

“Jo did a fantastic job of guiding me through a daunting and challenging process during a difficult separation. She was there for me every step of the way, and I had absolute faith in her ability to get the best outcome for me and my family. With Jo’s help I was able to secure a home loan with a competitive interest rate with a lender that understands single parent incomes. I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone.”

Meet Vasoula

Vasoula is a retail worker from South Brisbane. She met her Mortgage Choice broker Caroline Jean-Baptiste to discuss applying for her first home loan.

“My partner and I were looking to buy our first property together and had been in the market for about a year when my sister in law suggested we speak to Caroline. Caroline was such a pleasure to deal with and we felt like she went above and beyond to  help us. She was responsive, available to take my phone calls after hours and when the time came to pick a home loan, she fought to get us a good deal.”

Vasoula and her partner Conor are now the proud owners of a townhouse in South Brisbane. 

Meet Sally

Sally is a public health manager from Sydney's Hills District. Sally reached out to her broker Leanne for help securing a home loan after a separation.

“When I first met with Leanne I wanted to buy a home for my daughter and I but I wasn’t financially ready to buy on my own at the time. Leanne gave me confidence, coached me and helped me create realistic strategies to work towards my goal and helped put me in a position where I could qualify for a home loan. Thanks to Leanne’s expertise and continued encouragement I bought a brand new house that my four-year-old daughter and I now call home.”

Meet Monique

Monique is a lawyer and an accountant from Sydney’s Northern suburbs and has been a customer of Mortgage Choice broker Leanne Johnstone for 17 years. Monique found Leanne on the Mortgage Choice website 17 years ago when she was looking to secure a loan for an investment property. 

“I was initially drawn to Leanne because not only was she a mortgage broker, she was also a CPA, which resonated with me. Over the past 17 years Leanne has assisted me and my family and friends with both home loans and investment loans. Leanne is quick is responsive, intelligent and honest, which are all fantastic attributes for a mortgage broker. So much so that I have recommended her often over the years.”

Meet Susan

Susan is a sales manager from East Brisbane. Susan met her Mortgage Choice broker Caroline Jean-Baptiste at a trade show 15 years ago when she was in the market to buy her first home. 

“I was actually one of Caroline’s first customers and she has been valuable support throughout my property ownership journey over the last 15 years. When Caroline helped me secure a home loan to buy my first home I found her to be incredibly helpful, answering all of my questions and giving me the confidence to make the right decisions. Over the years my husband and I have built an investment property portfolio and go to Caroline for help with structuring our loans, refinancing and more. Last year, I experienced an incredibly distressing situation where one of my investment properties was damaged by tenants. Caroline was a professional, supportive ear and I am grateful I was able to lean on her during that time.”

At Mortgage choice, we are committed to equality and diversity. If you are looking for the best solution that meets your unique needs, get in touch with your local Mortgage Choice broker today. 

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