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It’s hard work getting a home loan these days. It’s a complicated process with potential pitfalls.

Australian borrowers who are now potentially facing a sizeable flat fee to secure a home loan may feel disappointed at the outcome of the Royal Commission recommendations handed down by the Treasurer in February - but Mortgage Choice brokers and the wider industry is fighting back!

Healthy competition in the mortgage industry can only be maintained through a strong mortgage broking industry, which provides greater choice and access. Therefore, the commercial viability of the mortgage broking industry is of the utmost importance to every borrower in Australia.

If you want Australian brokers to thrive, please sign and share our online petition here

After signing, we encourage you to spread the word because we want to get as many online petition signatures as possible, to ensure the voices of borrowers and brokers are heard by the decision and policy makers.

You may also wish to know that, as an industry, mortgage brokers are briefing their local politicians on the impact of potential changes. These, if left unchecked, could further entrench big bank power and lead to less access to credit and higher interest rates for Australian borrowers.

If you too would like to write to your local politician,here’s a helpful link to get you started.

Mortgage Choice CEO, Susan Mitchell is calling upon the Treasurer for consultation with the mortgage broking industry prior to making any changes to broker remuneration and has appeared on a number of the country’s top TV and radio programs.

Influencing the influencers is our core media strategy and during the first weeks after the recommendations were released, the Mortgage Choice CEO appeared on ABC News, ABC The Business, ABC Radio’s AM, Your Money’s TICKY with Ticky Fullerton, The Today Show and Ross Greenwood’s radio show. You can follow our media stories and more in @MortgageChoice social media channels across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Let's stand together and fight for a better deal. If you have any questions about what the Royal Commission means for you, or if you would like to share a story about how your broker has helped you realise your property ownership dreams, email us today.

Whether you are saving for a deposit and don’t want to pay thousands of dollars in flat fees to get a home loan in the future, or if you are one of the six out of ten Australians (*MFAA) that secured a loan through a broker, we invite you to join our cause and sign the online petition today.

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