Home selling tricks to look out for

When you’re looking for a home, it can be easy to fall in love with a property at first sight.

Whether it be sun-drenched rooms, a new shower or manicured lawns, the aesthetics and presentation of a home can create an emotional attachment.

However, professional styling, a recent paint job and even the arrangement of furniture can hide unpleasant aspects or even serious flaws such as mould and structural issues.

As perfect as a home may look, it pays to do your due diligence by being aware of common tricks used to instantly appeal and pull at your heartstrings.

Here are four tell-tale signs to look out for:

1. Freshly painted walls

A fresh coat of paint is a cheap and easy way to cover up flaws such as leakages, damp issues and pest infestations.

Take some time to look carefully throughout the home. Find out if only some rooms have been repainted while others haven’t and check the quality of the paint. Stained or bubbly paintwork can be a sign of rising dampness issues.

For peace of mind, you should have a pest and building inspection carried out as this can identify if there are any issues in a property.

2. Strong aromas at open for inspections

Enter a home and feel overwhelmed by the strong aroma from air fresheners, scented candles or fresh flowers?

This is a tactic used by some sellers or real estate agents to hide the smell of cigarettes, pets, or even damp issues.

A pre-purchase pest and building inspection is a sure way of uncovering any problems being concealed.

3. Styling to create illusion of space and flow

Cramped spaces can be made to appear larger than they really are with clever styling and furnishings.

Common tricks include strategically placed large mirrors in small rooms, limited use of furniture and interior photos taken with a wide-angle lens.

When inspecting a room with a mirror, have your back to it. Look at the square metres listed on the floor plan and compare it to other properties you have seen.

Also, pay attention to how well the size of a room measures up to your own furniture and your own home.

4. Inspections timed around when property receives the most sunlight

Natural light is a key selling point for buyers, so some agents may time their inspection around when a property receives the most sunlight.

You can get a better understanding of lighting by organising a separate inspection at a different time of the day.

If you’re inspecting a home during the day and the curtains or blinds are open, but the lights are switched on, it may be a sign that the interiors receive very little natural sunlight.

You can check this by simply flicking the switches and seeing what the home looks like without lights.

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