Increasing your property's street appeal

We all know that first impressions are the most impactful and never is this more true than when dealing with property.

Purchasing a new home is one of the most significant investments you can make so when you decide to sell your home, you’ll want to ensure the exterior has a wow factor.

Read on for some tips to bring instant street appeal to your home.

Give your garden a makeover

To start with, you’ll want to make sure your garden looks tidy. Be objective about it, stand on the other side of the street and take a good look at your home before you make any changes. Mow the lawn, prune overgrown hedges and trees.

It’s no secret landscaping is a great way to improve the aesthetics of your home. Replace lackluster grass. Visit your local nursery to pick up some native flora, evergreens or succulents to plant in your garden. Native plants tend to be more robust and are a low maintenance way to keep a garden looking fresh throughout the seasons.

Take the time to replace any split cement or stone in your driveway or pathways. You might also want to hire a high-pressure hose and give hard surfaces a good clean. If your home has a deck you’ll also want to make sure the timber is in good condition and apply a new stain if needed.

Brighten up your front doors and windows

The great thing about a wooden door is that they’re fairly easy to customise. Whether it’s staining the wood or painting it an entirely new colour, this is a great way to update your home’s exterior. Alternatively, another great way to spruce up an existing door is by adding a new ‘statement’ door handle and or knocker. Ensure your windows are clean and if your window frames are wooden, you may want to freshen up the polish or paint.

Clean out the gutters

If you haven’t done this in a while, now’s a great time to give your gutters a thorough clear out. If you spot any rust or peeling paint, you may want to consider repainting the gutters and downpipes around the home. Ensure you properly remove the old colour before applying the new paint and depending what the gutters are made of, you’ll need to apply a quality primer before adding colour.

Render your brick home

Adding a render to existing brickwork will completely transform a home. Rendering can bring an outdated brick colour into the 21st century, however this is a significant change and you can run the risk of overcapitalising so get cost estimates before you proceed.

How will you fund the improvements?

Depending on your financial position, you may be able to use home equity to cover the cost of works. The beauty of this option is that cash savings can be kept intact for other uses (like unexpected emergencies).

To find out more, why not give your local Mortgage Choice broker a call?

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