Stating The Obvious In Home Loans...

February 21, 2014
Yew Kong Lye


It never fail to amaze me how often we notice the blinding obvious being stated. I walked into my local convenience store the other day and noticed this sign. It stopped me in my tracks. Am I losing my marbles that someone need to remind me of what they are? Of course they are shopping baskets. What else  can they be, lobster cages? flying saucers? Fat Tony with a new rug? Why do you need to tell me they are shopping baskets? Or are you assuming I’m the village idiot on a day outing?    





I thought about it and the obvious is not all that obvious from my experience in the home loan industry. The questions I’ve been asked over the years make me think that maybe, the sign need to point out that they are shopping basket or some shoppers might mistake them for lobster cages. You be the judge.       ·        


Do I need an income when I apply for a home loan?

Of course not, if living on the streets is your preferred mode of accommodation.


Do I need any savings.

You are not serious, are you?. Let mum and dad worry about that. Your savings can be put to better use like holidays.


What if I can’t show income in any shape or form.

Whoa! Who are we dealing with here, Joe Salami from Sicily? Security!!!


Can I buy the home in my dog’s name?

Sure, if your dog can drive and have a driver’s licence. Maybe, you think I don’t have a sense of humour or maybe you’re auditioning for a stand-up routine. ·        


Can I put the property in my baby’s name

Sure, if your baby can change his/her own nappy.


Will bank come after me if don’t pay.

The bank will throw a party with you as guest of honour for being so original.



Obvious is not so obvious, common sense is not so common, so I find. That is OK. It makes life more interesting and it also gives me something to write about. To find out what is obvious when applying for a home loan call 0413 871 888.

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