Car loans for businesses

At Mortgage Choice we specialise in car loans for sole traders and other businesses - let us help you make better choices for your business car loan needs.

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Businesses looking for car finance have a range of options open to them. The most appropriate type of loan for each business' needs will depend on business structure, cash-flow requirements, GST registration status and tax considerations.

  • Car costs may be tax deductible

    One of the pluses of running your own business is that you may be able to claim part of your car's costs, including loan interest, as a tax deduction. This can make your choice of car and vehicle finance surprisingly affordable.

  • Proof of income is a must

    Lenders generally look for income tax returns and accounting records to determine your income. So it's worth having these on hand when you’re ready to start taking test drives. Having said that, there may be some lenders who will offer low documentation loans - your Mortgage Choice broker can help you work out which ones.

  • Your broker can help

    Partnering with a reputable broker with access to a generous panel of lenders doesn't just streamline the process of securing vehicle finance. It means you don't have to do any legwork hunting down the right loan. Your broker does it all for you, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

  • Crunch the numbers

    It always makes sense to compare the cost of different funding alternatives, and your broker and accountant can help here too.

  • Brokers work closely with lenders

    As brokers work closely with lenders, they are well-placed to negotiate on your behalf if your circumstances are out of the ordinary. It's something that can be far harder to achieve on your own.

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