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Starting a business on your own is always going to be a challenge. Often when budding entrepreneurs go to start a small business their first challenge is establishing their brand in the marketplace.

Dreaming of challenging yourself? Expanding into new fields? What about growing your wealth by running your own business? Simply put, you're wanting to make a good living and use your skillset to the fullest. Whether this is your key driver, or your motivation stems from the need to help and guide people and give back to the community, a small business could be the perfect step.

Starting a business on your own is always going to be a challenge. Often when budding entrepreneurs go to start a small business their first challenge is establishing their brand in the marketplace. Practically, this often means investing large amounts of time and money into marketing to help build trust in the brand and service. Building a brand and a reputation takes time and is hard to balance as you push to grow your business and secure customers.

This is where buying a franchise has its real advantages. Purchasing a franchise allows you to tap into an established brand that is trusted in the market; giving you a foot in the door with customers and access to sound products, procedures and tried and tested sales techniques. A franchisor can also offer support and organisational resources often not available to small businesses with a single operator.

At Mortgage Choice, all of our franchisees are supported by our national office, who help drive and promote our recognisable brand. National office generates national marketing campaigns, offers training and compliance guidance as well as lending support - which allows you to get on with helping customers realise their financial goals.

In addition to the help you receive from head office, as a Mortgage Choice franchisee you are afforded sound work-life balance and career flexibility. Indeed, the Mortgage Choice model means you have time to spend with your family, take holidays when you want and, best of all, dictate your own financial future as the boss. Franchising gives business owners the autonomy to focus on their local area and drive their own success. 

Of course, every franchised company has regulations and Mortgage Choice is no different. Our guidelines are driven from tried and tested methods that exist to not only help you build a successful business, but provide an exceptional customer service experience.

Importantly, Mortgage Choice recognises and rewards hard work. Under our model, business owners have the potential to earn more, the more successful they are. Those that achieve excellent results are also inducted into internal halls of fame, rewarded with exclusive travel prizes and most importantly, have happy and lifelong customers.

A growing market drives a successful business

With rates sitting at historical lows and property prices rising dramatically across many markets, many Australians are choosing to purchase property to help grow their wealth.  

Today, more than 40% of all loans written are for property investors. Furthermore, more than $31 billion in home loans is written each month - a dollar value that is expected to continue to grow over the coming months. Indeed, the mortgage markets growing rapidly and this is unlikely to change anytime soon. 

 As a company, Mortgage Choice has grown with the market and expanded its offering into financial planning, insurance and credit cards. Not only does this allow our franchisees to capatilise on a growing market, but enables us to provide a comprehensive offering to our customers. Ensuring that customers are secure within their investments with access to exceptional financial advice is our highest priority. 

Small business success

Mortgage Choice franchises not only have the opportunity to capatilise on growth in the property and finance market, but tax incentives from the latest Federal Budget. There are tax cuts of 5% for unincorporated businesses with an annual turnover of under $2 million, effective from July 1 2015. There are also immediate tax deductions for assets bought under $20,000, meaning investing in your business has never been easier.

So if you have the drive, a hunger for challenge and you're keen to jump into a thriving market, consider working for Mortgage Choice. Owning a small business is a fantastic challenge and by partnering with Mortgage Choice you will gain the benefit of working with one of the industry's most trusted brands.

Contact us today to discuss the advantages of working with a franchise in a growing market place and owning your own business with Mortgage Choice.

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