What do we look for in our franchisees?

Mortgage broking is a highly competitive industry, and while we offer our franchisees extensive support, the success of your business ultimately rests with you.

What we look for in our franchisees

There's a common misconception that if you have the cash, you can buy into any franchise opportunity. When it comes to Mortgage Choice, nothing could be further from the truth.


Anyone who has ever considered buying a franchise will undoubtedly have been told at some stage to research the market carefully because ‘a franchise is a significant investment'.

It's certainly good advice. However what is often overlooked is the investment a franchisor makes in new franchisees. It's not just about the financial cost of getting franchisees up to speed. There is also a substantial risk involved in inviting a new person to be part of the broader corporate family.

It may not be much of a risk for smaller franchises. But when it comes to Mortgage Choice there is a lot at stake. We are a publicly listed company with a history of success and a gilt-edged reputation for quality customer service. And we work hard to keep it that way.

That's why we are so picky about who we invite to become franchisees. We understand that success is a two-way street – and only by selecting the right people can a Mortgage Choice franchise be a truly profitable partnership.

What do we look for?

Okay, let's not sugar coat this. Mortgage broking is a highly competitive industry, and while we offer our franchisees extensive support, the success of your business ultimately rests with you. That means you need to be prepared to invest generous helpings of time, effort and energy into your franchise. Yes, it's hard work. But it's also extremely rewarding.

One question we are often asked is whether franchisees need previous mortgage broking experience. The answer is both yes, and no.

Some of our franchisees have no background in finance at all. Others have extensive finance industry experience. The common thread is that all our franchisees have a strong track record of success, and importantly, they have an existing network of contacts they can build on to generate independent leads.

We also look for people who are highly sales motivated with the ability to recognise and run with opportunities that add value. These are the qualities that help franchisees secure customers for life and drive their business forward.

Our franchisees also share many of the attributes Mortgage Choice has become renowned for. Like our culture of ‘Yes we can', and a belief that amazing things can be achieved ‘Today not tomorrow'.

Not everyone makes it

Unfortunately, not everyone who applies for a Mortgage Choice franchise will meet the high benchmark we have set. Only the best will join us.

But that is what makes a Mortgage Choice franchise such an outstanding investment. We are all working hard and doing our best to drive the business forward. That combined commitment is enormously contagious and something no amount of money can buy.

To learn more about whether you have what it takes to become a Mortgage Choice franchisee, call us today on 1300 650 330.


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