How do I change careers?

For some of us a career change may be a necessity bought on by unforeseen circumstances like a redundancy, injury or relocation. Others may simple crave a new direction in life.

It's no secret that the days when we remained in a single career for life are over, and happily there is a wealth of options to explore new career paths.

For some of us a career change may be a necessity bought on by unforeseen circumstances like a redundancy, injury or relocation. Others may simple crave a new direction in life. And for some Australians, a career change may herald the realisation of a personal dream to start their own business.

No matter what the circumstances, making a successful career change involves taking three important steps.

Play to your talents and strengths

It's a no-brainer that we are more likely to achieve career success when we work in a field that harnesses our innate skills and abilities. If you are a ‘people person' for instance, it makes sense to choose a service-based career where you will have regular interaction with clients and customers.

Research the marketplace

The business world evolves rapidly and it is critical to aim for a career in a field that will last the distance over time. In today's technology-driven commercial environment, entire professions are rapidly becoming obsolete. Just as we never see milkmen or elevator operators these days, you need to be sure you are opting for a future-proof career.

Undertake training to enhance your skillset

Build on your natural talents and existing skills by undertaking training where necessary. If you are considering starting your own business by investing in a franchise, be sure to look at how much training is provided by the franchisor – it could be a key factor that drives your long term success. Mortgage Choice franchisees benefit significantly from the extensive level of training, mentoring and ongoing support they receive. 

Consider your options

By this stage you should have a reasonable idea of what your next career looks like. But it could also be a point in the crossroads that lets you seize opportunities you may not have considered.

For many of us the idea of being our own boss is very appealing. And it's a career choice that combines a range of skills from marketing and administration to human management in addition to the core skills required by the business itself.

Running your own show can also be an important step in wealth creation. A business is a saleable asset with the potential to deliver healthy capital gains further down the track.

A franchise can offer the best of both worlds

One way to combine a career change with self-employment is through the purchase of a franchise. It lets you harness the power of a proven brand, and so may be less risky than starting a business from scratch, and it can also be a fruitful way to invest redundancy payouts or other lump sums.

With a wide range of franchises to select from, it is still important to take the steps we mentioned earlier. Look for a franchise opportunity that compliments your skills and abilities. And only invest in a franchise with a proven track record of growth in an industry that will remain relevant over the longer term.

To discover how a Mortgage Choice franchise could offer a personally satisfying and potentially financially rewarding career change, call us today on 1300 650 330. 

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