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The power of a brand

Anyone starting a new business can vouch that one of the great challenges is establishing credibility and a reputation.

Anyone starting a new business can vouch that one of the great challenges is establishing credibility and a reputation.

This is where the power of a brand can make all the difference.

A brand is more than just the name or a logo, but a combination of factors including customer experience and public perception.

Building a brand is both expensive and time-consuming, which is why it often pays to partner with a business that already boasts a strong, influential and captivating brand.

There are multiple benefits to joining a company with an established brand, and here are four of them:

Customer recognition

When you join an established company, especially one that is highly regarded by the public, you enjoy instant recognition. This means that even before you open your doors for business, you have the assurance that people know who you are and what you do. If people associate your brand with a certain product, they will likely choose you over a non-branded company.

Competitive edge

A brand sets you apart from the competition. People will instantly recognise and support your business. If the business is well-established and has been around for a while, you are more likely to be perceived by a customer as experienced in your services and products.


Credibility is at the heart of every brand, but establishing it is extremely difficult for new businesses because it has to be produced and nurtured over time. An established brand will already have credibility in the eyes of consumers and this will no doubt be a huge advantage for someone starting a new business.

Customer loyalty

Customers are attracted to brands they have had a good experience with, or share similar values to. When there's a strong connection with a brand, customers are likely to come back for repeat business and to promote it to family and friends through word of mouth.

As you can see, a strong brand identity plays a large role in your success as a business owner. It builds a reputation, helps you stand out from your competition, and helps you to win business.

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