8 reasons why social media is a must for your small business

Here are 8 reasons why social media can help your small business thrive.

1. It's another way to communicate with your customers and attract new ones

Social media allows you to nurture relationships with other social media users. The key is to post regular content that is unique to you. You should seize the opportunity to show your audience your expertise. Try and keep a clear, consistent voice to engage with your audience. Social media is an excellent way to interact with people who are engaging with your content. This will allow you to build strong, lasting relationships built on a foundation of trust.

2. Access your own focus group

Your social media followers will inevitably share their opinions about your product or service. Use this to your advantage. Ask them questions, find ways to improve your offering, and give people what they want.

3. Get more visitors onto your website

Social media is a great vehicle to drive traffic to your website. Entice your audience to click on links that will transport them to your website where you can take the opportunity to convert them into a lead/sale.

4. It's an extension of your customer service

Social platforms are a great way to build brand loyalty. Use your customers and the general public may have. Social media also creates an opportunity for you to show publicly how you deal with customer complaints. Most importantly, It also allows you to show how helpful you are.

5. Reach your customers whenever and wherever

The mobile nature of the internet means customers benefit from being able to access their favourite brands with ease at a time that suits them, wherever they are in the world. Social media platforms like Facebook allow the user to leave reviews and share their experience with your service or product. There are two benefits to this as not only do positive reviews act as free advertising for your brand, but negative reviews will allow you to address any gaps in your training and show other users how you address problems.

6. Strengthen your brand

Social media will allow you to increase your brand's visibility among your customers and the wider public. If you post online regularly, you may also improve your Search Engine Ranking (SEO). Google will often rank your company in its search listings by online presence, so the more you post, the higher you'll rank.

7. Save your money

Providing you are adept at communicating, you should be able to use social media with ease. If you need to stick to a strict budget, don't bother hiring a marketing professional. Instead, spend some time online looking at what your competitors are doing, think about how you like being communicated to and give it a go. A trial and error process will start to give you an idea of how best to engage with your audience.

8. To stay ahead

It's highly likely that your competitors are already using social media to speak to the public. If you're still struggling to find a reason to get on board, this should help convince you. If you're lucky enough to not have competitors using social platforms, get ahead and engage with audiences and hopefully attract more market share.

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