Hyperlocal marketing - is it for you?

Hyperlocal marketing uses a smartphone’s exact location to send targeted alerts when a customer crosses a proximity threshold.

First of all, what is it?

Hyperlocal marketing uses a smartphone’s exact location to send targeted alerts when a customer crosses a proximity threshold.

Hyperlocal marketing requires the use of GPS and a mobile app on a smartphone to send targeted messages from near a franchise or even from within a franchise.

If you’re a small business, targeting customers on the other side of the planet, hyperlocal marketing might not be the best approach. Instead, focus on customers closer to you. Hyperlocal marketing allows businesses to communicate to a group of people with similar interests in a specific geographic location. The beauty of this type of marketing is that it enables you to answer the immediate needs of customers and prospective leads.

Hyperlocal marketing was born out of the need to connect with consumers on a more personalised level. The result of the increasingly mobile nature of internet usage saw a transformation of marketing strategies from a global to a more localised level. As an increasing number of customers search for products or brands online, it is crucial that your business name appears at the top of the list.

Why do it?

Hyperlocal marketing will allow you to develop meaningful personal relationships and make a lasting impression on your audiences whether they’re leads or loyal customers. Ensure that you craft personalised communication that is well researched and thoughtful.

Localised marketing is your chance to demonstrate your point of difference. You can tell a localised audience why your business is doing something unique. Show them how they don’t have to travel far to enjoy specialised products and/or services. Tie this in with your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and use keywords in your content that are relevant to the audience you’re targeting. Sydney, covers an area over 12,000 km. Your customers will likely search for a service or, product they need in an area closest to them, ‘Western Sydney Mortgage Brokers’ or, ‘brokers in Blacktown,’ for example.

Should you be using it?

To determine if you should be using this type of marketing ask yourself some basic questions: Do you have a local audience?

If the answer is yes, then hyperlocal marketing could be for you. Use the strategy to stay relevant. Make sure your business’ name, phone number and address is up to date and listed on as many online platforms as possible.

If possible, respond to any online reviews as word-of-mouth can make or break your business. Ensure that you link to your social media on any communication you send out, as well as on your website - essentially, anywhere you’re communicating with your customers. Take advantage of great customer experiences and don’t be afraid to ask your customers to leave you a review online. Don’t be dismayed by negative reviews. Treat bad reviews as a marketing opportunity and show prospective customers how you deal with conflict. The way you handle a bad review has the potential to impact public perception even more than a positive review. Be prompt, apologetic and polite to show your disatisfied customer that you care. Ideally, you could offer disgruntled customers a solution wherever possible.

How do you do it?

Facebook advertising is a great way to stay local and relevant. Today, one of the first places that customers will research you and your services is online. And, more often than not, they will check out your facebook page to see what others are saying about you.

With Facebook advertising, you can beat your customers to the punch. You can get your brand in front of their face before they are forced to look for you. If you have some happy customer stories, why don’t you use these testimonials as the basis for your advert. Adding a human face to a product or service may strike a chord with other customers who identify with the story.

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