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Our franchisees learn best practice from the best in the business. Here’s how we support you in your journey from new franchisee to skilled business operator.

When you invest in a Mortgage Choice franchise you’ll be learning from the best in the business.

Whether you are buying a new franchise or purchasing an existing franchise, we give you all the tools and support needed to successfully grow your business.

Your career with Mortgage Choice begins with our best practice Induction Program.

It’s intense, it’s challenging and it starts with your completion of a Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking.

Then you’ll head straight into learning about lending, broking, software, sales, marketing, public relations, business planning and management – everything you need to know to make your business successful.


Our Lending Support Team will guide you through lender accreditation coaching, reviewing your loan applications as part of our quality assurance check.

You’ll be coached at every stage to help you deliver the high quality applications needed to achieve your customers’ goals.


Our Accelerate Partnership Program offers outstanding value.

Professional and highly effective, Accelerate focuses on coaching, development and support over your first two years because we believe that you’re building a business of your own but you’re not on your own.

Our live online interactive training modules provide a convenient and engaging virtual classroom, so you won’t even have to leave the office while growing your skills.


Mortgage Choice is passionate about providing franchisees with the tools of the trade they need to succeed. In FY 2018 we’ve made a significant investment in innovative including our brand new and purpose built online Broker Platform. The platform is intuitive, can be used on any device and will significantly reduce data entry. It will enable Mortgage Choice franchisees to run more efficient businesses and deliver a better customer experience. The new platform will be tested via a pilot program in July, ahead of its formal roll-out from August 2018.

“These changes are the product of an extensive consultation program with our franchisees and the recognition we needed to rebalance our service provision with better remuneration. Franchisees will have access to the same core services, just delivered in a more efficient way. We are also investing in new systems and are getting ready to roll out our new Broker Platform, which significantly reduces data entry across multiple systems and provides a smoother loan submission process.” CEO, Susan Mitchell

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Dedicated support and coaching

Dedicated support

Our support staff are experienced professionals dedicated to your success.

They can give guidance and review your progress and business plans to help you achieve or exceed your performance benchmarks.


To help you get started, we’ll match you with an established franchisee within the business who understands the journey you’re on. They’ll provide you with unique insights into their business and share secrets of their success.

Professional development days

Successful business owners know that learning never stops, and our  regular state-based events include software training, public relations workshops, marketing group meetings, lender forums and professional development days. Our franchisees tell us they’re a great way to share information and experiences, learn from your peers and provide feedback to Group Office. 

National & State Conferences – we celebrate success!

Our National and State Conferences are an opportunity to learn, network, develop a sense of community and above all, celebrate shared success. You’ll be inspired by our world class speakers, learn from our high calibre workshop sessions and be reinvigorated knowing you are part of something special – the Mortgage Choice community.

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Hear from our brokers

"Over the past 12 years as a Mortgage Choice franchisee, I have built up my business feeling as if I am part of a team with tremendous support from I.T., marketing and brand. At each stage of growth, I have been able to rely on the experience of franchisees, the state office team and group office to make better choices for my business."


Caroline Jean-Baptiste - Franchise Owner
Fortitude Valley, QLD

"Almost 12 years with Mortgage Choice and I’m still so thankful each and every day that I made the switch. I work damn hard for everything the business returns. I have made a positive change to so many clients lives and my work life balance has been achieved. The constant change in our industry will ensure that our services are always valued by clients seeking clarity, sound advice and good customer service."


Tim Leonard - Franchise Owner
Bayside, VIC

"Mortgage Choice offered me something that no other franchise business in the industry could – a strong brand, broad franchisee support, marketing support, lead generation and a strong culture of compliance. In the first two years, I have been able to significantly grow my income and business value through hard work, leveraging national and state support services, and importantly, learning from and collaborating with a very giving network of franchise owners. The choice of business model and the “paid the same” remuneration model resonates very well with my clientele."


Paul Williams - Franchise Owner
South Melbourne, VIC

"Mortgage Choice and the brokers that make up the franchisee network, are in my opinion, the best in the industry. We have a close-knit community who support and help one another with all facets of the business."


Steven Dal Molin - Franchise Owner
Chatswood, NSW

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