Our vision & service standards

Mortgage Choice has a vision to be Australia’s leading provider of financial choices and advice, delivering exceptional value for our customers and profitability for our franchisees and shareholders. Our purpose is to create a life of abundance for all Australians. We deliver on this purpose through our commitment to doing the right thing and three key service standards: care, solve and amaze.

Our success story

We know what it takes to achieve success

Mortgage Choice is not a newcomer to Australia’s franchise scene. Since 1992 we have been revolutionising Australia’s home loan market by following our vision of building a national network of ethical, credible and professional mortgage brokers who local communities could trust. This vision has since extended to providing Australians with financial choices and expert advice for all of their finance needs.

Our local financial advisers focus on getting the foundations of financial wellbeing in place in an affordable and transparent way, because we believe that every Australian needs access to advice they can trust, regardless of how much money they have or earn.

Our brokers work in partnership with our advisers to provide a more holistic advice offering to our customers – helping them make better choices with their money so they can live a better life. Extending into financial planning not only means we are now able to meet more of our customers’ needs – it also provides our franchisees with additional revenue streams.

Our numbers are impressive

Over the past 25 years we have arranged over $50 billion worth of home loans for over 500,000 Australians. We have partnered with hundreds of Mortgage Choice franchisees – helping them build vibrant, prosperous businesses and creating thousands of jobs for family and community members.

Today, over 480 franchisees make up the Mortgage Choice network.

We can’t think of any other group in the industry that is as professional or as dedicated to delivering value to their customers as Mortgage Choice.

There’s never been a better time to be a mortgage broker

We are confident of achieving continued growth, and our Mortgage Choice franchisees will continue to play a key role in this. Our franchisees come from all walks of life but they each share a passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences based on our three service standards – to care, solve and amaze.

If you share our drive to push your business forward, and have the energy to make it happen; if you have an existing network of contacts you can build on; and if you are sales and results driven, you could be just the person we are looking for.

Our service standards


We are empathetic, we truly listen (after all, that’s how we understand each customer’s individual needs), and we always deliver on our promises.


We rise to challenges, creating solutions and finding ways to say “yes” to our customers. And we do it today, not tomorrow.


We always aim to be the best we can be. Every customer is treated as a Very Individual Person, we impress with small Wows that add up to a big result, and we communicate openly and often. It’s the effort we make that makes the difference.

Find a business to buy

Why choose Mortgage Choice?

A strong national brand that consumers recognise and trust.

Our impressive track record spanning more than 25 years in the Australian home loan market.

Unrivalled training, hosting and ongoing support – our national and state teams will help you maximise business growth from day one!

Our significant investment in national advertising and marketing drives more leads to your business.

Award-winning Marketing Platform and your own customised mini-website to capture online searches and connect with more customers.

An opportunity to build a valuable asset to engage the whole family. 

90%+ Net Promoter Score – we take care of our customers!

We offer more than mortgages – fulfill more of your customers’ needs and enjoy a diverse revenue base.

Opportunities to enjoy work-life balance through flexible and mobile business options.

Affordable (and competitive) entry point.

Financial support programs for opening a retail store.