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July 04, 2017
Carlee Horsell

With a wealth of information at our fingertips these days and the ability to find almost anything online, why should you use a mortgage broker when you could just ‘do it yourself’?


There are numerous benefits but here are my top 5 reasons to use a mortgage broker when looking for a home loan…


1. Expert advice

Mortgage brokers are the experts when it comes to home loan advice. They deal with different lenders on a daily basis, know what products are on offer, understand the features of different loans and know where to find the best interest rates. Regardless of whether you have a complex scenario or a straightforward purchase, chances are your mortgage broker has seen something similar before and can help to structure your loan in the right way and find the right lender and product to suit your individual needs. Your mortgage broker can also help with answering any questions you may have and provide sound advice throughout the entire process.


2. Choice

Mortgage Choice brokers have access to a panel of over 25 different lenders with hundreds of different loan products to choose from so rather than visit different banks or research different lenders online you only need to speak to one person. Even if you have an idea of which bank or lender you would like to use or wish to stay with your current bank, your mortgage broker can still help to find the right product and features to suit you.


3. Save time

Researching lenders and preparing a loan application is a time consuming and often a stressful process. By using a mortgage broker you can save time and cut down the frustration by having them do all of research, paperwork and follow up for you. Your broker will also take care of any negotiations with the lender on your behalf and keep you and any other service providers updated on the progress of your application at every step along the way.


4. No cost to you

The service that your mortgage broker provides is usually at no cost to you. Your chosen lender will pay your broker commission after your loan settles so you can enjoy the benefits of having someone do all of the work on your behalf and it won’t cost you a cent. Better still, Mortgage Choice brokers are paid the same rate of commission regardless of which lender you use so you can be assured that you are getting a completely unbiased service.


5. Additional services

Despite the name, Mortgage Choice offer more than just home loans and can provide solutions for car and asset finance, financial planning, personal loans, investments loans and much more. Your broker could be the key in securing your financial future.


So….what are you waiting for? Don’t DIY your home loan and give me a call to see how I can help you.



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