Are you paying over 5.00% on your current home loan?

October 29, 2014
Suzanne Banich


The Reserve Bank has left the Cash Rate on hold at 2.25% for the 14th month straight. 


Lowest 5 year fixed rate ever


Mortgage Choice, Windsor Qld, has the following home loan rates from the major banks on offer now -


  • Variable rates available from 4.65%,
  • 3 Year Fixed rates available from 4.69%, and
  • 5 year Fixed rates at 4.99%* (the lowest 5 year Fixed rate they have ever offered) 


If you are paying over 5.00% on your current loan you need to speak to us to review the options available to you. 


Just a word of caution - if your loan is in Loan Mortgage Insurance territory, it is unlikely to be economic to move from your current lender. 


Act now


Give Colin, Jenny or Des a call on 3262 7555 - there may be significant savings to be made on your home loan.


*Interest Rates quoted were correct at time of writing but subject to change at the discretion 

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