2014: The Year of Purchasing Your Own Home

January 10, 2014
Caroline Jean-Baptiste

Now that we’ve bid farewell to 2013, and welcomed in the new year, social chatter often turns to those ambitious promises we’ve made to ourselves that we’re going to make 2014 the best year yet. It’s New Year’s Resolution time.


You could waste your money on a pair of runners and an unused gym membership that will just gather dust and take a fortnightly bite out of your bank balance. Or, why not make a commitment that really will change your life, and could start you out on a path to achieving your financial goals?    


2014: The Year of Purchasing Your Own Home  


Entering the property market can be many things: exciting, fulfilling, and rewarding to name a few. But it doesn’t have to be scary!  


Regardless of your location, budget or property needs, we’re experts at finding the best deal and making things work for you.  


At Mortgage Choice Inner North Brisbane, we do the running around for you. We’ll search for the very best home loans available, always keep you up-to-date, and offer personalised, flexible service to ensure you enjoy a hassle-free experience.  


We have prepared a basic, 3-part guide to help you enter and explore the world of property ownership.  


Purchasing your own home can be a lot easier than you may think. With so many lenders fighting for your business, the market is flooded with home loan products to suit all kinds of circumstances. While they may not be new innovations, flexible loan options such as low-doc, smaller deposits, and longer loan terms (to reduce repayments), aren’t necessarily common knowledge among potential homebuyers. Plus, certain properties qualify for thousands of dollars in government grants.  


You may also be surprised to learn that in some situations, your mortgage repayments may be comparable to, or even less than the cost to rent in your preferred area. Why pay off someone else’s mortgage when you can be working towards building your own wealth?  


If it’s significant capital growth you’re after, or you’re looking to kick start your investment portfolio, it pays to stay informed. That’s why we keep up-to-date with market analysis and predictions from leading economists and property observers – and then pass this information on to you! With the help of these experts we’ve assembled a list of suburbs predicted to boom in 2014.  


Make sure you follow the link to Part 1 of the series, and keep visiting our page so you don’t miss the next instalments:

Part 2: Rental Cost vs Mortgage Repayments

Part 3: 2014’s Boom Suburb Predictions  


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