Building inspections... should you or shouldn't you?

July 24, 2017
Caroline Jean-Baptiste

This is a question we get asked quite a bit. There are already lots of hurdles to jump when buying a home and lots of expenses, so is it really necessary to invest in a building and pest inspection before you buy a property?

Our answer, every time, is yes... unless you're planning on bulldozing and starting again or it's a new construction (and then you get a defects report - but that's another story).

You may take a walk through the property and everything looks to be in order. You may also ask a builder friend to come with you to talk about any plans you're thinking about for renovations. You're both looking at the property for potential and, unless something is jumping out and about to bite you on the foot, chances are you could miss some important information.

It's almost like having an insurance policy, it's not worth the risk to be without one. it's also like walking around a car and deciding to buy it without taking it for a test drive - or even checking that there's an engine under the bonnet.

The report could show that everything is in order. It could point out some things that don't seem important. But what they do is give you information - and that is gold.

Not only do the building inspectors look for fault, they look past the gloss of a property for sale and see it for what it is. They also usually crawl into the sub-floor and the roof space, they'll look at the roof and can even look at the electricals* and drainage*. They'll see the stuff that you won't.

You can take that information and ask the agent or vendor some good questions that will give you further information. You can give it to a builder friend and ask them if it's anything they think could be a concern. It can help you decide whether or not to buy the property. It can help you negotiate a better price if it's warranted.

Buying a home is a big decision, sometimes the biggest financial decision you'll ever make. 

For a few hundred bucks, it's definitely worth the investment to make sure the construction is sound.

If we can help with the purchase of your next property, we'd love to! We're only a phone call away and our service is obligation free and at no cost to you.

Good luck with your house hunting.





* Note: Generalist information can only be given by a building inspector. Specific information on electrical and drainage/plumbing must be sought from a licenced tradesman specialising in their particular field.

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