Divorce doesn't have to mean you sell your home

March 18, 2016
Caroline Jean-Baptiste

Separation and divorce are hard enough without having to sell your home as well. 

This is a really important time to have a conversation with a trusted professional about your finances to discuss your options.

We've recently worked with a client to help her keep her home after divorce. She came to us soon after her relationship broke down and laid her cards on the table. She didn't need to add stress to her life by taking on a mortgage that she couldn't afford, but she didn't want (or need) the task of having to find a new home and arrange the finance.

If she could just re-arrange the finance to enable her to keep her home, that would be one thing settled in a really tumultuous time for her and her family.

By going through her income, including child support and family tax benefits, and the increased value of the property, we found a way for her to stay in her home, maintaining the stability for her family and without unnecessary financial burden for her.

She found the courage to make a phone call to us that secured her future and gave her one less thing to worry about.

If you're facing this yourself, call us. We will have a confidential discussion to put plan in place to keep a roof over your head.

You don't have to do this alone. We're here to help. Every conversation is confidential and obligation free, so you have everything to gain.

We find a solution for everyone - and sometimes we just need to think outside the box.


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