Escape from renting, with a little creativity

February 09, 2016
Caroline Jean-Baptiste

A couple came to us recently and they were desperate to get out of the rental cycle. They'd worked really hard at saving for a deposit, but weren't quite there yet - so they needed a solution to get them into their own home.

They both had good jobs, had a record of saving and were great at paying off debt. 

But it still wasn't enough to get them approved by a lender - so we got creative! We came up with a solution that worked for them, it ticked the boxes for the lender and we got approval.

Within one month of coming to see us, they have bought their own home. They can paint the walls, put up pictures and move when they decide to move - not when they're told.

They're delighted and we're over the moon that something that was just a dream for them is now a reality, and we helped make it happen.

If you want to escape from renting but can't figure out how, call us. If there's a way to do it, we'll find it, and we love a challenge.

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