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July 08, 2015
Caroline Jean-Baptiste

We love the message from this guy.

Take a few moments to read his story if you need some motivation to get into the property market. We're not for a second suggesting that you invest as heavily as he has, but it's a pretty inspiring story...

Don’t buy into housing bubble ‘bulls**t’, says property tycoon Nathan Birch

He’s got a $35 million property portfolio at just 30, makes half a million dollars a year in rental income, and thinks talk of a housing bubble is “bulls**t”. His message for struggling first home buyers is simple: stop whingeing and do something about it.

Nathan Birch has lost count of the number of properties he owns, but says it’s about 170.

His total debts across his portfolio are $11 million, he brings in about $2 million in rental per annum, and takes $500,000 of that after expenses.

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