Setting yourself up from overseas

May 24, 2016
Caroline Jean-Baptiste

Every day we talk to people who want to finance a home - they're either first home buyers, upgraders or investors. Sometimes they need to refinance or consolidate debt, get their first loan or an investment loan. Sometimes they want to talk about their plans for building wealth through property investing and need to create a strategy for financing.

Whatever they need, we're here to help.

We received an email from Chris a few months ago. He was living in Dubai, earning good money and had a nice nest egg saved. His plans were to earn as much as possible while he was away and set himself up for when he came home.

He recognised that there was a cost to waiting to buy property and he wanted to make it happen now. The area that he wanted to buy in was at a great stage of the property cycle and was prime for growth. Waiting to buy would mean that he'd potentially have to pay more and miss out on a couple of years of capital gain.

He was ready to go now. 

We just needed to find a lender who would give him the money.

Different lenders treat income earned overseas differently to income earned locally. Some have greater flexibility, some don't want to know about it.

Chris could either battle with time zones and do the legwork himself, or just ask us.

Luckily he chose to ask us and we were able to find a lender that recognised his earnings and would give him the money.

He's found a property, bought it, has a tenant paying off his mortgage, is able to make additional payments whenever he can.

He's a happy man - and all set up for when he comes home.

Whatever your situation, call us, we'd love to help!

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