What to Look For in a Real Estate Agent?

Selling your property is a big step and it’s important that you have the right person there to guide you and support you throughout the process.

This week we have come up with our top tips for picking the right real estate agent for you.


It’s important that the agent you select has an in-depth knowledge of the local area. You should look for someone who has previous and current listings in your local area and a history of successfully selling properties within your suburb and its surrounds.


Look for someone with a wealth of experience within their field. Ensure that the agent you select has a history of sales and a wealth of knowledge regarding the property market and the selling process.

Marketing Strategy

There are a multitude of marketing strategies that can be implemented by your agent to help sell your home, these include open houses, newspapers/magazines, the internet and mail outs. It’s important that your agent can recommend a full proof marketing strategy which utilizes multiple mediums to ensure maximum reach and exposure of your property.

Contract, Fees and Commission

Before signing a contract, it is important to know exactly what it is you’re signing. Ensure that you read the contract in its entirety before signing. Things to look out for include;

  • Break Fees
  • Commission Fee
  • Extra/hidden fees
  • Contract term (6 months, 12 months, etc)
  • Terms of the contract

Word of Mouth

Before deciding on an agent, ask around for good recommendations. If you have friends or family that live in the local area who have sold recently, ask them who they used and whether they were happy with their service. Alternatively, you can use websites such as Rate my Agent and Open Agent to see what other people have to say about agents in your local area.

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