Prepare your home for winter

Prepare your home for winter

Did your electricity bill give you a shock last winter?

If the answer was yes, don’t despair – you are not alone.

In Australia, many people don’t have properly insulated homes, which means we’re forced to crank up the heating in the cooler months – causing our electricity and gas bills to spiral out of control.

Thankfully, there are a few simple (and cost effective) things you can do to prepare your home for winter and lower your utility bills.

Go solar

While it might like sound like a lot of work, adding solar
panels to your roof will really reduce your energy
consumption costs – resulting in savings all year round. Best
of all, the Australian Government is currently offering home
solar power rebates, which could save you thousands of
dollars in installation costs.

Seal in the heat

These days, you can buy door seals for as little as $5 from any
of your local hardware and homeware stores. They may not
be the most fashionable thing in your house, but they will
help you stop the hot air from escaping, thereby reducing
your overall utility bills.

Insulate now for a warmer tomorrow

Insulating your home can cut your heating costs and keep your
home toasty in winter. Insulation is measured on an R-rating
scale, so the higher the rating, the better the thermal
performance and the more money you save. Ceiling insulation
prevents heat escaping through the roof, improves energy
efficiency and, in turn, reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Curtains are gold

If the latest home makeover shows are anything to go by,
curtains are making a resurgence. In addition to making your
home look modern and vibrant, curtains will also help you to
trap the heat in the winter – allowing you to save money
on warming your home.

Get that statement rug

In the same way that curtains are currently in fashion, a
statement rug can really help you bring a room to life.
Better yet, your rug can also help you to trap the heat, so
why not buy one before winter arrives.