Warming up for winter

by Dale Vine

Having been ‘round the block’ a few times now, I’ve learnt a lot about planning ahead with renovations and which improvements are worth spending some coin on to benefit you now, and help boost your future sale price.

A great first impression is a big tick for prospective buyers, and with winter rolling in, making sure your house feels warm will only have a positive effect. By far the best way to make sure your house remains warm is by ensuring it isn’t leaking heat once heated. I highly recommend having someone inspect your roof cavity to see if you have insulation. If you don’t, it’s an easy enough job to hire two people to install insulation bats between ceiling joists and ensure your heat stays in your rooms and that the excess money from heating bills stays in your pocket. Just make sure the installers leave a couple of hundred millimetres of space around down lights for fire safety reasons.

You can also use colour to ‘warm up’ your home. Mustard, yellow, orange, red or purple are all great warming colours to introduce through art, bedspreads, throws or cushions. Adding timber touches with shelves, bench tops or flooring can also give a room a sense of warmth, especially in areas with cold, hard surfaces like tiled bathrooms.

However you choose to create warmth in your property this winter, I’m sure it will heat prices up come auction/sale day!