Cautionary tale on the importance of reading a document before you sign it!

March 23, 2016
Gayle Roberts

In a moist, delicious cautionary tale on the importance of reading a document before you sign it, a tenant in the United States has taken advantage of their lease being supplied in a word document. On discovering the text was editable, the tenant steered clear of adding in some more nefarious clauses and instead opted for something we can all get behind – cake. 


Their addition - 16. BIRTHDAY CAKE: Lessor shall provide birthday cake for Lessee(s) on the weekend closest to their birthdays, which are June 7th and February 17th. Vanilla cake is not acceptable.


There were no further details on their icing preference, what the policy was on dealing with potential birthday party noise, or the impact of light pollution from the accompanying candles. They also failed to mention why they have such a big problem with vanilla cake. Several commenters did point out that the addition probably wasn’t particularly legal – or at least, wouldn’t be valid under contract law. The Agent and Tenant signed The Lease Agreement, so the tenant believes he’ll hold the landlord to it!


Good luck to them. Meanwhile, if you’re after further information on signing a lease in Australia, check out the following links – Tenants NSW or NSW Fair Trading, Tenants Union of VictoriaQLD government rental adviceTenancy WA,SA government rental advice or the Tenants Union of Tasmania. And if you’re after further information on cake, try Good Food’s A chocolate cake for every occasion, because every occasion, lease signing or otherwise, deserves cake.

(Excerpt from – 8/3/2016)

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