Gayle Roberts reveals secret to success in real estate sales

A Qld property Shih Tzu Cavalier cross (about 5-yrs old) named “Tiffany” loves the camera – and she’s selling homes too!  Tiffany makes her way into all of her owner’s real estate listings – which sometimes resemble a “Where’s Wally” book!  Quite a unique property partnership with her owner, a Qld real estate agent.

They teamed up 2-yrs ago to add a touch of the “personal” when representing property to potential owners; even to dressing up Tiffany in an appropriate outfit to suit whether the property is exclusive, casual or conventional.  5-yr old Tiffany loves going to work, often tagging along to open homes to meet with potential buyers and it really makes people’s day by having a laugh.  So it’s now “where’s Tiffany” – in the background, relaxing on cool kitchen tiles, or resting in an alfresco outdoor setting.  Many people give such positive feedback, and Tiffany is actually helping to sell homes.  There were two similar properties that were on the market, one of them didn’t have Tiffany in the photos, and the other did.  Tiffany’s advertisement had double the “hits” on it, and the home sold for more than the other as well.

Tiffany has her own Facebook and Instagram accounts now where she lists properties for sale, and interacts with “would be buyers”.

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