May 14, 2016
Gayle Roberts

As a Manager of a small business and lovely staff, I'm always trying to strive to be better and get cross with ourselves when stress overtakes our usual daily patterns.  However, I came across an interesting article and decided to re-write and adapt it to my own business. We all hear about the effective 7 ways to be a good Manager – heard it enough times at University!  So here's my way to achieve a better set of important criteria than many studies outline.

  1. LOVE THE COMPANY CULTURE – Good managers are great leaders and high achievers, but a great attitude to the organisation is infectious.  Get invested in not only the company you work for, but the culture therein. Spend time and energy on your team and company products & services, but be a part of the work culture (good or bad).  By taking this to heart, you’ll find you’re talking about how to make the company better and how it favourably compares to other jobs.  Example: my husband almost always has drinks with people from his company every Friday night for perhaps 1-2 hrs then meets me for a Friday night drink & meal in Port Melbourne.  I get to learn a lot about his company and their culture – and consequently I do some work for his colleagues.
  2. POSITIVE ATTITUDE IS CONTAGIOUS – Manager who have a good attitude during the workday don’t complain about projects that need to get done – they look for solutions to finish them before the deadline.  Sometimes one’s drive to be better affects everyone. Example: I had a loan with tight deadline and felt the pressure; kept talking about the problems – then finally phoned the overseas assessor. She was so helpful, friendly and we could talk together about the issues holding loan up. Together we ‘nailed it’ and the Bank provided the formal approval within the urgent 24 hours
  3. SUSTAIN FOCUS – this is an interesting one for me as I like to do 20 things at once.  But lack of focus is the reason many small companies fail.  But I do write a weekly “Prioritisation List” and every night before leaving the office (or over breakfast in the morning) I write my “To Do List” which not only prioritises and clarifies what needs to be completed urgently, but helps me not to forget the hundred and one things all happening at once.
  4. LEADING WITH HEAD AND NOT THE HEART – empathy for employees is important (everyone goes through professional and personal struggles that can affect their work) but care is needed to be emotionally intelligent by guiding employees with understanding, but to nip issues in the bud before they carry over to the quality of work output.
  5. HONESTY – a good manager tells their team the information they need to hear, not what they want to hear. Have a very transparent culture using weekly ‘micro’ feedback and open communication channels to avoid dishonesty in everything from deadlines, quality of work being completed, and cliques.
  6. BEING ACCOUNTABLE – being a well-rounded manager by taking charge of own goals and also taking responsibility when things don’t go according to plan.  So fostering a culture of every employee taking accountability so they understand the importance of responsibility for their actions as well.
  7. EFFECTIVE AT MAKING DECISIONS – if a manager can’t make a decision for their team, how can they expect to guide the team towards the finish line for projects or goals?  Therefore to be a good manager, one needs to have the ability to make decisions based on a wealth of information in a short amount of time to get best results from the team.

So to be A GREAT MANAGER, you need to be emotionally intelligent, honest, and hold the team to the same performance and accountability standards that they hold themselves to.  Even though these are innate personality traits to be aware of, and is a specific judge of character, many of the 7 important criteria can be learned, and continually practised, until each item becomes ‘second nature’ at work. 

Adapted from Business Insider

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