April 15, 2016
Gayle Roberts


  • Measure the bed and then measure the lift.
  • Buy 15 large cardboard boxes (just for the kitchen)
  • Get a prescription for Valium (or a glass of wine for each 3 boxes packed or unpacked)

There was an article in today’s Sun Herald which I read over a coffee.  And as usual having a huge chuckle as I remembered all the moves I’ve had over the years.  

One of the Tips given was not to throw anything away that you may need ie. the TV stand that had been kept in storage because the current TV is now mounted on the wall.  Well, guess what, you can’t buy these stands now – so you have to buy a new TV (and buy a new wall bracket to put the old TV in the 2nd bedroom).  Hmm yes – happened to us with last move! 

And the best Tip ever from the Removalist – the first thing to assemble is your bed – make it up with sheets etc.  Besides being the first accomplishment during part 2 of the move, you’ll so appreciate the made-up bed after a couple of boxes unpacked.

My 2nd best Tip ever is to not to just mark the boxes with the contents, but be specific if the box contains the kettle, the cups, a couple of plates; or the mineral water (or substitute for wine bottle – and the opener).

Other tips in the article were:

Measure the bed, then measure the lift!  I’ve seen this lots of times when many new apartment owners move in around the same time when settling on an Off the Plan purchase.  The couch or bed are standing up on their ends, and very obviously can’t fit in the lift!  Everyone standing around scratching their head!

Next Tip: Inform Telstra three weeks in advance of your new address so that you will move seamlessly from one domicile to the other with no disruption to your internet connection. In our case we had a Telstra Hot-Spot (if you don’t know what this device is, definitely worthwhile asking Telstra and buying one in advance of your move).

Some of my other Tips as I continue to chuckle remembering my moves over the years:

Ring the Removalist Company a week before the move, and again the day before the move, and write down what time they will be at your property in the nominated morning.  I had a case where I’d called the Removalist Company a week prior the move, and they confirmed the time & the date.  But it got to 9am on the day of the move, and guess what – I rang to see where they were and they couldn’t find my booking and had to find stand-by removalists – then they couldn’t find a van!  But what was so funny was that a small diminutive woman knocked on my door around 10am and standing next to her was a giant of a man.  I was told not to talk to him as unfortunately he was deaf and couldn’t speak.  Suffice to say they were the absolute best removalist people ever!

Check the property you’re moving into the day before the ‘big move’.  It was actually the move mentioned above with the giant and the diminutive lady – when we finally got to the new place in Hawthorn in a tiny little back street – unfortunately just that day the Council were re-concreting the pavement right outside our new rented house!  And it was wet!  Plus it was about 40 deg C!  We had to get a plank to go over the wet concrete to get into the front door – have to imagine how funny this was.  The Removalist Van and my car took up the whole little street so no-one could get past (great start to get to know the neighbours!). Consequently the front rooms had all the boxes dumped in them for me to sort out, while my two sub-teenage boys found the TV, plugged it in, and sat down watching cartoons.  Yes, I found the Pinot Grigio as I personally brought that in the front seat of my car!

Which brings me to the next Tip (which we all know) – take your precious belongings in the car with you (jewellery, paintings & pictures, anything that could easily break – and tea-bags, milk and two cups – for the Removalists thirst).

I do want to tell another "funny" story (not quite a tip):  A settlement in 1992 where I was moving from Hawthorn to Camberwell.  The Vendor’s solicitor rang a few days before the scheduled settlement to advise it had to be delayed due to the Vendor’s finance.  I decided it wasn’t a big deal and settlement would happen in a couple of days.  However, I had to unpack some of the boxes as I needed kitchen things to cook for my two boys (and unpack the TV as well).  Actually from memory, I had to unpack the cat from one of the boxes as he kept running out in the backyard and getting lost.  So I went to work and the boys went to school.  Then at 11am I received an urgent call from my own solicitor advising that suddenly settlement was at 12 noon and I had to hand the keys over to the new buyer and be out of the house by 12noon.  Yipes!  I flew home and found a huge removalist truck parked right outside my house – I couldn’t even park my car.  The new owner then demanded that he was going to start unloading there and then!  Naturally I had to rush to firstly get out of my business suit and into my jeans, and pack up the boxes again – and find the cat (well we never found the black cat unfortunately).  It was such a silly situation that the Hawthorn Police had to intervene and ask the new purchaser to take his large Removalist truck into the next street so we could have a truck to pack our things into. Guess the rest – we didn’t have a removalist truck booked because the settlement had been cancelled.  So I phoned friends at one old employer and they organised a mini truck within the hour.  Much rushing and many trips from Hawthorn to Camberwell ensued and everything was dropped outside the Camberwell house – but no keys to the new place! My boys had to stand “guard” over the boxes out the front of the house while I continued back to the old place in the mini-van.  Finally everything was out and into our new home.  We never found the black cat, but my white cat (in another box) made the move. No Tips here, but a funny story!

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