May 07, 2014
Gayle Roberts

We all have a Dream!  It may be day-dreaming of cooking at the latest stove with the biggest & best of kitchens; and a bathroom with twin hand basins & stacks of room!  Then we look at our budget and our savings for a home, and our mind says “get real”.  We tuck away our ‘goal’ and say “one day”!  But then the email or letter arrives from the Property Agent to advise that your Lease is up!  Suddenly your “dream of home ownership” is back on the agenda.  What to do! Firstly get out a piece of paper and write down your dream  - and start planning.  How much savings have you got now, and how fast you can save more – write down how you can quickly save more $s (take lunch to work, skip that latte, $5 notes in the pink pig, just think “saving” and it falls into place). Then get a map of the area you’d like to live in – put a large red circle around the streets you like, and do your research online. Note down the cafes, the schools, the shops, the transport, the age group in the area, and the transport; even the parks to walk the dog; whether you want close to the city or the sea, or both as in Port Melbourne. Research the average price in your chosen area for a house or an apartment – a Victorian in Port Melbourne, Albert Park, Middle Park or South Melbourne with room to move around, or an apartment  with vibrant neighbours. Do you want to renovate or just put your stamp on your new potential home.  Write all this down on paper to clarify your thoughts – and now the fun to get moving! Check your Goal with your Mortgage Choice Port Melbourne finance specialist to help you get there – and soon you’ll be standing in your dream kitchen, and planning a meal for your friends to proudly show off what you’ve achieved.

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