WINNER - Best Financial Service in Port Melbourne 2013

August 26, 2013
Gayle Roberts

What did it feel like to win the coverted “Best of Port Melbourne 2013” award for Best Financial Service 26th August?

 Awesome!  Being recognised as the best of all the Financial Services in Port Melbourne by the local business people and my current clients was so gratifying and flattering. It feels so reassuring to know that the businesses all recognise my Port Melbourne Franchise in Rouse Street as a dedicated and hardworking team of professionals. It was so exciting when my name & our business was read out and I was asked for a speech – even to a photographer taking pictures.  It made me feel “special”.  Then I actually won one of the door prizes as well! 

You recently passed the 10 year milestone with your Franchise of Stonnington – how does the magic 10 years feel in this industry?

We celebrated the special 10 year mark by a Grand Office Opening combined with the auspicious event – had a cake for 30 people in Mortgage Choice’s branded colours with a silver “10” on it.  We had a plaque installed on the wall with a theatrical curtain which was “officially” opened by our CEO of Mortgage Choice, Michael Russell.  A very special night where clients, Mortgage Choice staff, my referral partners, local real estate agents and family came along to celebrate with champagne & finger food.  My husband was behind the Bar (aka Reception desk) which was a lot of fun.  We’ve put the pictures on our Facebook, and made a PhotoBook which we have on our Reception  - we’ve mailed another Book of photos to our CEO for him to keep.

So you’ve opened a new office in Port Melbourne?

I commenced Mortgage Choice Port Melbourne (Team Effort) in 2003 and worked from a home office for the first 3½ years.  In April 2007, we bought a very modern 1-bedrm ground floor unit right on the beach in Port Melbourne and commenced operating there from May 2007.  This was an unbranded office and was great until the last 12 to 18 months when the Business needed to expand with hiring more staff and having more room.  After 12 months searching for suitable rental, I found a retail business moving to the online space and coming to the end of their Lease.  So made an offer to the Landlord, and as they say, the rest is history.  Took about 2 months to fully demolish and re-build to my own design with the help of Creative Office Interiors, who were just fantastic.  So our new premises are very modern, bright & airy and close to all the “action” in Bay Street (we’re near the corner of Bay & Rouse Streets, next to Crème Café).  Even have secure parking underneath.

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