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Buying a property in Casula? We can help you secure the right finance

Casula is a great area to live and work in, plus it has easy access to the shops and public transport. Last year, the median house price in Casula was $1,100,000 for houses to $731,000 for units, so if you have been thinking about purchasing a property in this region, get in touch with our team. 

Chris Pham will discuss your borrowing options and take you through the home loan process. 

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If you’ve been looking into investing in property, you may have encountered the term ‘negative gearing’ - so what does it mean? Check out our short video below to learn more.

Gearing itself is the act of borrowing money to buy an asset and when it comes to property, it simply refers to taking out a home loan to buy property.

Positive gearing is where the rental income the property owner receives exceeds the home loan repayments and other expenses on the property.

Negative gearing on the other hand is where the rental income is less than the cost of the home loan and other expenses associated with the property. If your property is negatively geared, you may be able to claim the loss you incur as a tax deduction against your taxable income.

If you have more questions about how this may work for your situation, just reach out to our team.

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Our property guide about the home loan process is packed full of information.

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