Make your own rate cut

July 18, 2014
Daniel Eigenmann

Don't wait for the Reserve Bank Australia (RBA) to cut rates. One of our lenders has just announced this week a new home loan product with a very attractive variable rate of 4.65% (4.66% comparison rate).

You can stop waiting for the RBA to cut rates

Take control of your home loan. Whether you need a new home loan or want to refinance an existing one - you can make your own rate cut today.

Call us today to find if you qualify for the 4.65% variable rate.

Find out if you qualify for the 4.65% variable rate product, call me on (08) 6355 6834 or 0412 022 110, or email at


And if you're in Subiaco, why don't you pop into our office for a coffee.    


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