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May 10, 2016
Dane Heinrich

A group of small business owners in Sale have banded together, asking Wellington Shire Council to ‘name the lane’ that their shops/ offices face. The lane way between the IGA supermarket building and Heart Property Real Estate on York Street will be known to and used by most locals, but they may never have realised that it has no official street name. “The lane way leads to a car park at the back of the IGA building, a car park that many business in the vicinity back on to, but there are also many of us that face the lane way and it’s quite a mouth full to explain to a new client exactly where you are”, explains Dane Heinrich of Mortgage Choice Sale. “Being a relatively new business to the area, the majority of clients coming to me for the first time need directions and not having a street name makes it quite difficult. It’s sometimes a 4 or 5 sentence explanation to get them here, and even then some will end up calling me from the car park asking where my office is. I realised early on that it would be an issue so I’ve set about finding a solution that will not only benefit myself, but all of my neighbouring businesses.”

Apart from Mortgage Choice Sale, other business inconvenienced by the situation include Simon Parson & Co Lawyers, La Vibe Hair Studio, Captured by Marney, Pure Smile Teeth Whitening, Boheme Jewellery & Accessories and Sprout Newborn Photography.

Tara of La Vibe Hair Studio said “as well as finding it difficult to direct new clients, we also found it hard directing our product rep’s and delivery drivers to the salon.”

In response to the request, the Wellington Shire Council have offered their support and advised the matter will be put to vote by local council members.  From there, due course will follow and the lane will be named assuming no objections.

The name ‘Sillett Lane’ has been put forward by council as per their ‘Approved Road Names Register’ after Mr Robert Sillett who in 1884 took over Spooners Gippsland College and set up Sillett’s Gippsland College. Mr Sillett was captain of the Melbourne Football Club in 1878 and ‘79’ and taught at the famous Scotch College prior to settling in Sale.

To be continued…

Written for the Gippsland Times by Dane Heinrich, Mortgage Choice Sale. 

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