Can I get the First Home owners Grant?

September 10, 2014
Rikki Stanley

In Queensland, The Great Start Grant (also known as the First Home Owner Construction Grant Initiative) is designed to assist first home buyers when buying or building a new home.


How much is the Grant?

First home buyers who meet the eligibility criteria in the checklist below may qualify to receive a one-off Grant of $15,000 when purchasing or building a brand new home up to a maximum purchase price of $750,000 for all transactions where the commencement date is on or after 12 September 20012.


Is it means tested? 

The Grant is not means tested and does not have any restrictions on the area in which you plan to buy or build.


What if I have a partner?  

Applicants who are purchasing their first home with another person must both meet the eligibility requirements to receive the Grant.


Am I eligible?

Checklist for QLD First Home Owner Grant Eligibility:


  1. Is this the first time that each applicant and their spouse ( or de-facto) has claimed the First Home Owner Grant in any State or Territory of Australia?  Yes / No
  2. Is this the first time that each applicant and their spouse (or de-facto) has ever owned or owned and occupied a residential property, either jointly, separately or with another person, in any State or Territory of Australia?  Yes / No
  3. Is each applicant over 18 years of age? Yes / No
  4. Is at least one applicant a permanent resident or citizen of Australia?  Yes / No
  5. Will at least one of the applicants be occupying the home as their principal place of residence for a continuous period of 6 months, commencing within 12 months of either settlement or completion of construction of the home?  Yes / No
  6. Is each applicant a natural person? ( i.e., not a company) Yes / No


If you have answered YES to all of the questions above, you could be eligible for the First Home Owner Grant.


How to apply


There are a few different application methods for the Great Start Grant.

  • A Mortgage Choice broker can submit a Great Start Grant application with a customer’s home loan application
  • An applicant can apply through participating financial institutions
  • An applicant can apply directly through the Office of State Revenue


Application for the Grant must be made within 12 months of completion of construction or settlement of the home.


Joint applicants will be restricted to a single application for a single property and only one payment per couple will be made.


State and Territory Government Initiatives for first home buyers


In addition to the Great Start Grant, there are a number of State and Territory Government initiatives aimed at making the purchase of your first home more affordable. Daniel Meade, your mobile Mortgage Choice broker in Brisbane, can explain any additional discounts or incentives that may be applicable to you.


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