First Home buyer? How a Mortgage Broker can help you

June 23, 2014
Rikki Stanley

Daniel Meade from Mortgage Choice can take the stress out of buying your first home.  


If you are standing on the edge, dipping your toe into the property market pool, but are not sure you are ready to dive in, expert advice and support through the process might just be the push you need to take the plunge and decide to jump in.


Buying a home is exciting.


Buying a home can be daunting.


Buying your first home, can be overwhelmingly exciting and daunting, and often be scary enough to make you back away from the edge, sit back down in the sun and order another drink from the pool bar.

Perhaps you might think you should be adding that $12 to a savings account for a house deposit, but in that moment, it all just seems a bit too hard, so you have another drink and think, “one day, I’ll dive in one day.”


One day could be today.


What if you could have someone to help you through every step?

What if you could have someone to advise you on what step comes next?

What if you could have someone who does all the paperwork for you and then tells you where to sign on the dotted line, once they’ve helped you learn enough about the process to feel confident and ready to negotiate an awesome price on your first property contract?


That is the basics of what a mortgage broker can help you with.


Knowledge, expertise, guidance, step by step support, explanations of costs and of the process, help with government incentives (like the first home owners grant), and organising pre-approvals for finance so all you have to do is go house hunting, with a little added negotiating power in your back pocket.


Sounds easy?

It is.

A mortgage broker makes it easy.

A mortgage broker helps you navigate through the whole process, so you get to bask in the excitement of buying your first home, not drown in the overwhelm of the process involved to get there.


How  Daniel Meade from Mortgage Choice can help you:


  1. Providing knowledge, expertise and guidance:

You might book an appointment with a broker knowing very little about home loans, or you might have done some research and feel you know the basics, and are aware of what is going on in the property market.

Your broker will build on your research by adding their expertise of home loans and knowledge of the market, so you leave your appointment feeling educated, confident and comfortable.


2.  Helping you determine:

  • How much you can borrow, so you know how much you can offer on a property, and what price range to search for it in.


  • What your repayments will be, so you can work out if you can afford the property based on your individual budget.


  • Compare home loan products, lenders and lender services for you so you don’t have to spend hours trying to establish which one is the best to go with.


  • The costs involved with buying a home, including all stamp duties, government costs and loan fees.

3.  Assistance with Government incentives:

If you are eligible for government incentives as a first home buyer, or if you are unsure if you are eligible, your broker will help you determine if you are, and then assist you with the paperwork involved. Because government incentives need to be applied for separately to your home loan, it helps once again to have the support and expertise of the broker behind you.


4.   Organising a Pre-Approval for finance:

The best way to explain the benefits of a pre-approval for finance is to look at how it works for you in the competitive house hunting arena;

So you are spending your weekend’s house hunting.

One weekend you find your perfect home, and you want to put in an offer.

The agent responds saying they have another offer on the table. What do you do?

You tell the agent you already have your finance pre-approved so you can have a 14 day finance clause, and settle in 30 days, with your best offer, because you are well aware of your limits with finance and the ball is already rolling. The agent smiles and skips off to submit your offer.


Agents love a buyer with pre-approved finance.


The other people who made an offer did not have their finance pre-approved.


Put yourself in the seller’s shoes:

Which offer would you take? – The offer with the finance pre-approved, or the one that potentially could fall over, or settle later and end up costing you more in interest while you wait.

It usually works in your favour with both agent and seller, to have seen your broker and applied for a pre-approval for your finance before you submit an offer.

It also gives you piece of mind knowing that you will meet your finance clause deadlines. It takes the stress out of the ‘waiting for finance to be approved’ game.


5.  Step by step support:

From your initial appointment with your broker, through to application submission, approvals, and on to settlement, your broker does it all for you and keeps you informed every step of the way.


They will liaise with your lender, real estate agent, solicitor, valuer and any other involved parties on your behalf through the process, and advise you of each contact.


All you need to do when you’ve asked a Mortgage Choice broker to assist you,  is know that you have stepped up on the blocks, taken a deep breath, dived in, and you are on your way swimming to the other end of the property market pool.  


Your broker will be your coach, keep you afloat, steer for you and help you to out at the other end, ready for you to kick back and enjoy the sunset at your dream home.


Are you ready to dive in?

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