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January 19, 2015
Rikki Stanley

If you are looking for mortgage calculators to do your sums, have a simple question or are after a detailed guide, or perhaps trying to better understand all that investment jargon, then this blog is for you.  

Daniel Meade from Mortgage Choice has put it all in one handy location with a link to everything you need to know when researching to buy an investment property.


Helpful Information pages:

Whether you are planning to invest or are looking at using equity to buy, considering a property manager or choosing the right loan, we thought these handy links and calculators may be useful to give you an idea of your finances before you talk to the lenders, or even your broker.


Mortgage Choice calculators:


Downloadable guides:

These guides are detailed and downloadable, so you can read them when you have time.


  1. Step by Step guide to property ownership:  Purchasing a property takes many steps and involves many people. It also varies between residential and investment property purchases. This guide gives you each step and what is involved in order, for every stage of buying a property.

  2. Property Investor Guide:  An outline of how investing in property can enable you to build wealth, including the factors to consider when planning to buy an investment property.

  3. Co-ownership Guide – home buyers and investors: If you are planning on buying a property with someone, you will need more time to plan, research, co-ordinate and ensure everything goes smoothly. This guide covers how to buy your home as a co-owner / tenant in common.


Property investment jargon explained:

If some of the lingo with purchasing an investment property has you stumped, check out this handy page covering everything from application fees to Yield.  


Additional Property Investment Information

As we have just touched on the tip of the iceberg with this blog, Mortgage Choice has a huge selection of information available, specifically for property investors.



We can also answer your frequently asked questions on buying an investment property.


Free Property Market and Sales Reports

If you are after market reports, we can provide you with a Free property report if you contact us directly.  Another great website with a variety of free reports available is Onthehouse.


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Important information

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