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We help you plan for the future

One of things we are really passionate about here at Mortgage Choice in Midland and Forrestfield is making sure people are prepared for their future, and achieving their goals when it comes to their finances. Our financial adviser Glen helps you do just that.

Everyone needs some help with their finances, and planning how they are going to reachs their financial goals. Or if you're not sure what to aim for, why not let us help you figure it out. 

You might want to budget for a family holiday, pay for the kids private school fees, have your home paid off in 10 years or plan for your retirement. You may be worried about being insured property, or not sure about how your super is performing - we can help!

What is a financial plan?

Our financial adviser, Glen

Our financial adviser Glen has worked with lots of different types of people at all life stages, from single parents to families to companies! 

He has experience in all areas of advice from personal financial strategies to retirement planning, and specialises in personal / family protection and insurance, superannuation consolidsation advice & PBI salary packaging strategies.

"Being married with a young daughter, I understand the importance of protecting and providing for my family. Giving people the reassurance that should anything happen, they can call me and I will be there to help, and then being able to make good on that promise is very rewarding for me."

A free first appointment with our adviser

We're so passionate about financial planning and it's benefits, we give you a complimentary first apointment with our financial adviser. 

Call us today to book your free first appointment with our financial adviser on 08 9250 8700 or click the Contact us button at the top of the page.

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