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Renovating your property? Your mortgage broker team in Arundel, Southport & Helensvale can help

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Whether you buy a house with the aim of renovating, or you decide to undertake home improvements rather than moving house, your first step in the process is to speak our team at Mortgage Choice in Arundel, your local mortgage brokers.

A well-planned home improvement can add value to your home as well as transforming it into a more comfortable place to live – the sort of home you’ve always wanted.

Renovating is often more affordable than moving. It involves none of the expenses associated with buying and selling property, so every dollar goes towards creating your ideal home.

There are a number of ways to finance your renovation, and our mortgage broker team in Arundel can help you work through the options.

If you’ve owned your home for some time or made inroads into your home loan repayments, chances are you’ve built up valuable home equity that could fund your renovations. Here's a video that explains more detail around tapping into equity.

Alternatively it may be worth your while to consider switching lenders as a new loan could work harder for you in the long run. 

Or a personal or construction loan may be your best option. We have a helpful Guide "Ready to build or renovate your dream home?" that explains in more detail your options available for downloading now.

Whatever way you can be sure that our mortgage broker Arundel team can help you choose the most suitable loan for your needs.

Contact us today if you would like to explore your options. Call us today on 07 5594 6746 or book an appointment with us directly online.

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