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Tax Depreciation Schedules - help from your mortgage broker in Arundel, also servicing Helensvale & Southport areas

When tax time rolls around, depreciation can help your bottom line

Similar to claiming wear and tear on a vehicle purchased for business purposes, it's also possible to claim your investment property's depreciation against your taxable income.

Whether you're a seasoned property investor who is aware of this potential source of return, or are new to investing and are interested in learning more, our mortgage broking team in Arundel, also servicing Southport and Helensvale, can assist you to access the right help for your investment property claims.

Property depreciation claims aren't just for the pros by any stretch. Anyone who purchases a Southport investment property or from any other local area with the aim to produce income is entitled to depreciate the building and the items within it against their income.

Don't let thousands of dollars go unclaimed from your investment property come tax time!

Our team at Mortgage Choice in Arundel can arrange a qualified quantity surveyor to inspect their home and prepare a report for their accountant. Call us today on 07 5594 6746 or book an appointment with us directly online.

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